MyScript math sample for iPad Pro (with video capture for explaination)

(Sorry for my approximative English) I have installed MyScript math sample on Word for iPad a few weeks ago and it worked perfectly. But today, the window on the right keeps mooving up and down while I’m trying to write with the pencil or my finger. It never happened before. Someone please can show me how to fix it ?

Hi Thuan-Du Le,

Thanks for reporting this issue. It could be cause by a recent software update ? To help use fixing it could tell us the version of iOS and Word used ?

We are trying to reproduce the problem on our side to fix it ASAP.

Best regards

Pierre-Alban DEWITTE

2.12 (180402) for Word 11.3 (15E216) for iOS Thank you
When this problem will be fixed, how do I update add-on on Word for iOS ?

Hi Thuan-Du Le,

Thanks for your patience. We updated the web page used by the extension and now it should be ok. The recent Word for iOS update broke it.

Normally no action required on your side. You may need to restart the word application on your device.

Best regards

Pierre-Alban DEWITTE

Merci beaucoup ! (Thank you very much !)

Hi there,

we have a similar problem. the iOS-version is 11.3.1 an Word for iOS is 2.13 (180505). First I integrate teh addin in my admin account for Office 365. Then  I am able to select the addin showing "all Addins" when selecting the addin an error message is shown: You are not allowed to use this addin. Please contact your administrator to gett access to this addin."

To use the addin in Word 365 for Windows is not a problem.

Do you have a solution.

Best regards.


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