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Trouble using dynamic pod for MathPad with other static pods in same podfile

Hello, I just came across a trouble with your iOS pod....the pod is a dynamic pod while other pods which I am using in my project are static pods due to which I am not able to accomodate both types of pods in my podfile...If I use 'use_modular_headers' I can only access the dynamic pods and if I use 'use_frameworks' then I can only access the static pods but both can not be accessed at the same time....Please provide a solution for the same so that I can accomodate both types of pods in my podfile or if there's any other way apart from pods through which I can use the code for mathPad in my project.

Team this situation is really putting us back in using this library. This is nothing to do with use_frameworks since Pods 1.5. Someone from myscript should check this and fix it, since closed source we can't debug this at all.

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This problem is not letting us to buy your service/product. Pls help!

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Dear Vadivel,

Unfortunately, MyScript iink SDK contains static libraries, and these libraries cannot work with `use_frameworks`, because this option tells CocoaPods that you want to use Frameworks instead of Static Libraries.
If you do specify `use_frameworks` static libraries won't work, which means that, unfortunately, MyScript iink SDK won't work either.
Since CocoaPods 1.5.0, however, when you do not specify `use_frameworks` static libraries are supported.



Dear Maël

All other pods/libraries are shifted to Frameworks based approach, that's why in new apps we need it. Please provide any other solution rather then CocoaPods so that we can use both Static libraries and Frameworks together.



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