Connection error with Math WebDemo on iPhone/Safari


We are integrating MyScript node.js Web App based on  in native WebView in iOS.

An issue appears each time phone is locked (similar happens if phone internet is turned off/on).

To reproduce on iPhone:

1. Open Safari and go to
2. Draw anything and then lock the phone while on that page
3. Unlock the phone, I get error each time "MyScript recognition server is not reachable..." but editor works normally, drawing/export works, but error message is there. How can this be fixed?

Photo attached, I also ran web demo locally to check logs and got this as error event in editor "{"isTrusted":true,"recoverable":false}"

Can something be done, to reconnect or to hide that message?


Thanks for the quick response, it works well now in this situation, error event is there, but error message is not show/stuck like before..

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