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[Swift] Plain string result for recognized text


I have tested the demo from github and liked it, but I have one question and maybe I just did not notice the important line in the sample.

As far as I understood in "" the touches with it's points are detected and handed over to your engine for recognition, but then it's also drawn/displayed by your framework. 

My question is if it is possible to simply get an callback or something similar (e.g. via delegate) which just contains the plain recognized string as a result. I want to do my own visualization so for me the plain string would be what I need. Sadly any cloud option is not an option as it has to be able to run in airplane mode, that's why I'm interested in your API.

Thank you

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Dear Florian,

currently, if you want to get only a plain text result, you should call the export function with TEXT MimeType:

Best regards,


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