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Mixed text and math in one editor

Is it possible to recognize a mix of freeform text and math within a single editor?  Basically, I'd like the user to be able to input math annotated with short sentences, ideally without having to switch up front between the two kinds of input.

The MyScript site says that it enables "free-format handwriting—including a mix of text, graphics, mathematical expressions, and music within documents" but all the iink API docs (and the web demos provided) imply that I need to set a single recognizer type for each widget.


Dear Piotr,

With iink SDK, you can mix Math and Text in a single document by using the "Text Document" part type. However, this requires to explicitly add Math blocks where you want to write math content. That's typically the behavior you get with our Nebo application.

Mix of Math and Text within a single paragraph is not possible yet.

Best regards


Got it, thanks.

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