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laTeX import won't allow multiple lines

I'm using the native iOS SDK in Swift. When I try to import laTeX data to my editor, it cuts off any lines after the first. If you run the following code somewhere in the HomeViewController of the GetStartedSwift example project (my part's type is Math):  

let block = editorViewController.editor.rootBlock!
let latex = try editorViewController.editor.export_(block, mimeType: IINKMimeType.laTeX)
try editorViewController.editor.import_(.laTeX, data: latex, block: block)

I would expect that the text displayed on the screen would remain the same. However, all lines besides the first get cut off. I have found that the root cause is that the SDK is cutting off all text following the laTeX newline operator "\\ " (represented in a string as "\\\\\n"). As a result, importing things like "x\\\\\ny" only display the x instead of y as well on the next line. Is there something I'm missing here, or is it a bug? And if it is a bug, is there a way around it, because importing laTeX in this way is essential to my app?

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Dear Liam,

thank you for contacting us.

Currently, we were able to reproduce.

We are investigating, and keep you updated.

Best regards,



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