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Recognition the contents of a form

I want to make an app to recognize the contents of a form, I wish I could push all contents to MyScript server and the server returns results with original data position info, so i can use this to transfer the handwriting to the print text in correct position. please tell me whether MyScript has this function and if have, how do i begin this work? Thx.

Dear Olivier,

Thx for your reply, so you means I cannot get original data position info from MyScript server no matter what version of CDK I use, the way I implement my function is sending and recognizing data separately instead of pushing them together. so I can deal server messages on local, Am i right?

Dear Langsky,

Thank you for your question.

Currently, for ease of developping your application, I would recommend you post the ink for each field separately, so that you know to which area the text result belongs to.

Best regards,