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Save user handwriting as an image

Can we save and convert user input handwriting on canvas (such as signature or text) to a base 64 image?

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Dear Menorah,

I noticed you also posted in topic "save an image from the stroke data".

Currently, as said in this topic, this capability is not yet available, it should normally be done in the coming release (at present, we cannot commit yet when it will be delivered).

Waiting for this feature to be available, you can proceed as shortly explained in the other topic:

-Export to the JIIX format

-Open your JIIX file

-Get the X and Y coordinates to create your own SVG file

-You can then use external libraries to convert this SVG file to the format you prefer

Best regards,


Dear Menorah,

Maybe you have noticed the 1.2 release of the iink is available.

You can then try exporting as an image.

Best regards,


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