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MyScript Cloud Recognition API Error

Hello, thanks for your identification technology.

I made some mistakes while using it. Please advise


I use "/api/v3.0/recognition/rest/text/doSimpleRecognition.json" , get on POST request,


When my [x, y] point quantity is greater than 30000


{"timestamp":1527237641409,"status":400,"error":"Bad Request","exception":"org.eclipse.jetty.http.BadMessageException","message":"Bad Request","path":"/api/v3.0/recognition/rest/text/doSimpleRecognition.json"}


This is because of what? Is my data too large?

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Hello Hu Lin,

You are right. On we limit the size of form to 800 ko currently to ensure a good quality of service.

What is your use case? Where your data comes from?

In case you need to process large ink MyScript Server our "On premises" solution could help. Let's us know if you are willing to be contacted to evaluate it.

Best regards

Pierre-Alban DEWITTE

Product manager : cloud and developer offering 

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