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How can I incorporate a thumbnail/ preview of the note?

I'm using swift and the the iink environment and Im hoping to be able to show a small portion of the note in a uitableview cell that lists all the notes in a main page.

Is there a way to simple way to grab a screenshot?

Thanks in advance.

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Dear Ethan,

thank you for contacting us.

Currently, there are several possibilites to proceed:

-Either you wait for the 1.2 release of the iink SDK (planned current June), that will have a built-in export as image. With this latter one, you will need to re-size the exported image, to create your thumbnail.

-Or, you use the current release of the iink: using the prepareImage and saveImage of the, you can build get the image of your display. Then, you should use the viewTransform function of the renderer, to get the part of the image ou want to keep.

Based on this, if possible, we recommend you wait for the coming 1.2 release, as you understand it will be much easier.

Best regards,


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