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Mixed math and Text


I am new to Nebo and the only thread i found about this topic was 2 years old.
I want to use Nebo for taking math notes.

I will have many lines that mix equations with some text for exaple:

- \laplace u = f   for x \in \Omega

in this case "for" should be recognised as text. I am using a lot of enumerations as well:

A measure space is a triple (X,A,mu) where
a) X is a non-empty set

b) ...

Again text is mixed with equation-like content. And moreover there are the enumerations like a) that should not be treated as equations.

Ist it possible to get this done with nebo?

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Dear Markus,

Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately our developer support team is not able to help you with MyScript apps. For application related questions, you can submit a ticket at our application support site

Best regards,