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eraser area too large

Hello i am facing a problem when implementing eraser it erasing area is too large.

Please help me get out of it.

Thanks and Regards

I am using Swift code

Dear Khushbu,

Can you please look at this topic :

Let me know if this is usefull.



It is working fine. But the area of eraser is too large it erases other words also which is nearest to that word that i want to erase.

Dear Khushbu Bhawsar,

currently, the following configurations to tune the eraser:

-For Diagram: = true // displays a circle mostly like a mouse pointer
diagram.eraser.radius = 3 // radius of the eraser, tune it as you prefer

-For Drawing:

drawing.eraser.erase-entire-strokes = false //set to true to activate it
drawing.eraser.radius = 3 // radius of the eraser, tune it as you prefe

-For Raw Content: = true
raw-content.eraser.erase-entire-strokes = false
raw-content.eraser.radius = 3

These value can bet set in the .conf or when configuring the engine:

Configuration conf = engine.getConfiguration();
String confDir = "zip://" + getPackageCodePath() + "!/assets/conf";
conf.setStringArray("", new String[]{confDir});
conf.setString("content-package.temp-folder", tempDir);
conf.setBoolean("", true);
conf.setNumber("raw-content.eraser.radius", 1);

Let us know if this helps.

Best regards,


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