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How to add iink to swift project manually


        I find a topic here:

"Yes, you can manually add iink SDK to your project. First, I advise you to use CocoaPods with our GetStarted example ( so that the libraries and headers are properly downloaded to your computer.
Then, you can get the static libraries and headers under the "Pods" repository and copy them to your project. You may also want to include the files from the UI Reference Implementation that are available in the Github repository.
Finally, please ensure that you copy the linker flags from the xconfig parameters in the pod to your project.

Best regards,

        1、I have successfully run the "GetStartedSwift" project on my iPad.  ( I have the right certificate and I can write and convert).

        2、I create a new single view application "test"

        3、I follow the topic above ,add the folders (include the IInkUIReferenceImplementation)to my project and select the "Copy items if needed"



               4、because of the folder "Heads" make the App installation failed ,so I deleted it


               5、I change all the import names 


            finally I want to link the libraries, their icons are not normal , and after I link them, here is the problem:


          I want to know how to resolve it ,and are  there  anything wrong  in the above steps? by the way I am not understand the last sentence in your topic:"Finally, please ensure that you copy the linker flags from the xconfig parameters in the pod to your project"



         The reason for adding manually is :

          we are making a swift project, and if use iink, it seems like we have to set the podfile like below:


   it is one of our app have already been on apple store. we set the " use_frameworks!(false)" and  "use_modular_headers!",  otherwise iink or another pod like AliyunOSSios may not work properlly.

   now we're making another app ,but it bother me two days ,after add iink and make the above settings ,it still can't run by one of the pod.

   Am I doing something wrong with the pod file ? If you can help me to resolve the problem, it is not necessary to add manually

Dear Qian Bin,

thank you for contacting us.

Can you confirm you are using the latest release of the iink SDK?

Indeed, normally our latest releases contain bitcode, so we are surprised you are getting this message.

Best regards,


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