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SmartGuideViewController Fix position

How to set fix x y position of SmartGuideViewController in EditorViewController. 

How to show hide accordingly.



Dear Khushbu,

thank you for your question.

Currently, the full source code of both SmartGuideViewController and EditorViewController is provided in the IInkUIReferenceImplementation.

In the loadView function of the iink\examples\ios\Frameworks\IInkUIReferenceImplementation\, you should be able to tune the SmartGuideViewController as you prefer.

Best regards,


Hello Olivier,

Please give a an example how to achieve it. I want to fix SmartGuideViewController at the top of the editor and it will not moved where ever i am writing. It should be fixed at the top and it is not scrolled when scrolling is performed on editor.



Hello olivier, 
I am also facing  the same problem. I want the smart view controller at the top end it will not be moved wherever i write and it should be scrolled with editor view controller When scrolling is perfrom on the editor Please provide me from code example . How to achieve it?


Dear Khushbu, dear Lokendra,

The SmartGuideView is defined in the res->layout->editor_view.xml file of the UIReferenceImplementation (see com.myscript.iink.uireferenceimplementation.SmartGuideView).

You can then update the xml to remove the scrolling.

Best regards,


Hi khushbu and Lokendra, were you guys able to fix the position of it ?


Hi All,

Were you able to figure this out?


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