MyScript Math Sample (Microsoft Word plugin)

Can’t install my script math sample in my iPad Pro

Hi. When I try to use the Add-in, it showed a message that “You don’t have permission to use this add-in. Contact your system administrator to request access”. Then, when I try to install it from office store webpage, it shows a message that “sorry, myscripth-math-sample.docx is stored in an unsupported server location”. Does anybody know what can I do to install it?
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Dear Abraham,

Thank you for contacting us. You should be able to load again this plugin from the Office store and solve the problem. 

To do so, in Microsoft Word, 

1. Remove the plugin that has error: choose Insert then MyAdd-ins, select the plugin then the Remove option

2. Add MyScript Math Sample from the Office Store: choose Insert then Store, then search MyScript Math Sample and tap Add

3. Choose Home then Show Taskpane to use MyScript Math sample


The support team

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