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horizontal scrolling in myscript keyboard in ios(Handwriting Keyboard)

hello, I am using Myscript in ios for handwriting keyboard in application , so i made one demo for that i am sharing screen shot of that, but my problem is i want same keyboard with functionality like existing application which name is naturalforms i am also sharing screen shot of that application, so please any one know about how we actual implement the exact handwriting keyboard in ios then tell  me please,


1) this screen shot of my demo application.


2). this is existing application screen shot that i want in my app.


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Dear Siddharth,

thank you for your question.

Currently, you have 2 possibilities:

-The fastest one, which consists in using the Single Line Text Widget, which will work witout much development. The drawback is that it is no longer maintained

-Or, using the iink, you could set a "text" part (text document is not suitable. You should then be able to write on a line). Then, you should implement a scroll as explained in other topics:

Best regards,