Reading text from Handwritten PDF

 Would it be possible to read/recognize the text from the attached PDF file? Note, the attach file has content written by hand manually.


Could you please consider this as high priority and respond to us?



Dear Prakash Gs,

Note that we are no specialists of the PDF format. Our SDK does handwriting recognition, but anything related to PDF manipulation is to be done at integration level. I had a look to the file you provided, though, using a tool to browse the internal structure of the file, and found out that it encapsulates a single image where the background and the handwritten content are merged together.

MyScript technology is not designed to extract and interpret handwriting from a picture. Instead, it requires access to the ink strokes of the handwritten part, that is to say the suite of (x, y) coordinates of the pen/finger when it touches the surface. In this case, the PDF cannot be used to provide data to the MyScript recognizer.

If you are in charge of generating the PDF, there is probably a way to save the ink strokes as distinctive paths to a separate annotation layer so that they can later be extracted and fed into the MyScript engine.

I hope this helps,

Best regards,


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