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editor.waitForIdle() make slow When I write in editorview...

Hello~~ I used iink SDK version 1.0.1 and there was nothing happen editor.waitForIdle() make slow,,,,

I declared editor.waitForIdle() in -> handleOnTouchForPointer -> MotionEvent.ACTION_UP becasue of auto convert 

However When I upgrade iink SDK version 1.2.2, pen writing is little bit slow with same above code,,,

Is there any change point between above versions???


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Dear Younbae Kim,

currently, you may not call the editor.waitForIdle for each ACTION_UP, as this will indeed slow the process.

What can be done is that when an ACTION_UP occurs, you start a timer (e.g. 500 ms, to tune according to your needs). If a ACTION_DOWN occurs, you stop this timer.

When the time expires (i.e. when no ACTION_DOWN was done for 500 ms), you can then call the editor.waitForIdle().

This way, you application should be more responsive.

Best regards,


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