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Diagram Configration [IOS]


I want to implement Grid and Diagram both section on single editor.

Clicking on any button diagram block should be appear with its all feature after that grids should be there.

Please help me to achieve it.

Thanks in advance. 

Dear Khushbu Bhawsar,

thank your for contacting us.

What do you mean by "Grid" Are you referring to the "Text Document" part? Please explain, as this is no clear and it is difficult to provide with an explanation...

Best regards,


Thank you for your reply.

I am working on "text document" part.

But i want diagram block section when clicking on any button on the screen. To draw and to write text on it.

Dear Khushbu,

thank you for the explanation.

In that case, maybe you can simply use a Diagram part, setting "diagram.enable-sub-blocks" to true? In that case, you have sub blocks (of type text, polyedge) that describe the content of your diagram:

Best regards,


Thank you Olivier,

I am implementing setting "diagram.enable-sub-blocks" to true? but can't achieve it. Not able to draw diagram on editor still show grids only.

In my case i am using editorViewController.inputMode = .forcePen should in change it? then only able to achieve it?



Want to import Diagram block on editor. Provide me some code how to implement it.



I am getting this error msg when once i add a block on editor.

Error while creating package : The operation couldn’t be completed. Error, -[IINKEditor addBlock:type:error:]::365 add block failed: could not create block at (x,y)

Thanks in advance

Dear Khushbu,

currently, which kind of block are you adding? Are you adding i to a "Text Document" part:

Best regards,


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