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[UIView text]: unrecognized selector sent to in ATK single line framwork in ios

i m getting this error while i add framwork in my project and added also .c and .h file of certificate but still when i run my code at that time it gives like [UIView text]: unrecognized selector sent to 

Dear Siddharth,

thank you for contacting us.

Basically, this error message juste mean that "text" is not sent to the proper class.

This is a common objective c error, but without further explanation or your project, we cannot tell where "text" is sent to UIview???  You should investigate by yourself to see where this is done.

Best regards,


but i did subclass of SLTWSingleLineWidget in ios even it gives error please help for solution

and also i got error like Unknown class _TtC6NewApp20SLTWSingleLineWidget in Interface Builder file.

Dearr Siddharth,

This is more a objective C issue than a problem related to our solution.

Also, without your poject, it is difficult to figure out what is wrong.

Best regards,


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