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How to set the value of DPI and ViewSize?

Excuse me, I have written a few words on the intelligent operating book by an intelligent pen and get the data of coordinate points of the words. I have tried identifying them through SDK but it does not work well. You know, the value of DPI needs imported when initializing IINKRenderer and could you tell me how to set the value? Is it the DPI of the mobile screen? And what is the reasonable size when we set the ViewSize through IINKEditor?


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Dear Zxw,

thank you for your question.

Currently, as you are using an external device to input the ink, you should set the resolution to the one of your input device (resolution can normally be gotten from the device manufacturer). This is likely to provide with the best accuracy.

Setting the resoltion can be done when creating the renderer calling the "createRenderer" function (see the "setEngine" function in the EditorView class of the uireferenceimplementation package).

Based on the different tests we did, resolution of pen and paper devices is around 130 DPI. 

Let us know if this helps.

Best regards,


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