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Save/ Upload to remote storage and Download/Re-Render content into canvas.


I was able to dump my entire scribbles to a JIIX file. But I couldn't find any way to read from it again.

Any help would be helpful


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Dear Sourav,

currently, the question is rather what do you want to achieve? A copy/paste, or save a package and restore it later?

Indeed, if you want to copy paste, you should use the corresponding functions:



And to save and open later a Content package:



If this doesn't match your needs, please explain what you exactly want to achieve, so that we may think of another solution.

Best regards,


Dear Prem,

thank you for the update.

Currently, in order to store your strokes in database, you can refer to the editor.model.strokeGroups property:

To import these later, you can use the editor.eastereggs.importStrokeGroups fucntion:

Let us know if this helps.

Best regards,


Thanks Olivier. We will try that. Cheers.