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Create custom resource file dynamically


I want to create the resource file for custom lexicon dynamically during the program execution. Currently we have to upload the text (UTF-8) to myscript website which limits its functionality. So, how to generate a new resource file when the program is running?

Thank you.


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Dear Akash,

thank you for your question.

I guess you are referring to the documentation which mentions on-device building of the resources: https://developer.myscript.com/docs/interactive-ink/1.2/android/advanced/build-custom-resources/#on-device

This feature is not yet available, it will be in the coming weeks.

I keep you updated when available.

Best regards,


Yes please let me know when it is launched. 

Thank you!


Great feature to have.



Dear Olivier can you confirm whether the above mentioned update is being done or not? It can be very useful if it is done.

Thank you!

Dear Akash,

Thank you for the update

No, it is not yet available. I keep you updated when the iink version is updated.

Best regards,


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