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configuration bundle diagram


im using myscript in android im getting an error 

SmartGuideView: Failed to edit block "MainBlock": CONFIGURATION_BUNDLE_NOT_FOUND: error: no such configuration bundle diagram

What would be the solution

Thanks in andvance


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Dear Shashank,

thank you for your question.

This error is occuring as there is an issue in the deployment of the configuration/resources for the diagram.

First, you should ensure the assets for the diagram were properly downloaded from the page.

Then, ensure you deploy these in your project.

If properly done, you should see the following in your Android Studio:

-In the assets/conf, you should have the diagram.conf file

-In this latter one, you will call both the analyzer/ank-diagram.res and shape/shk-diagram.res resources

-You should then ensure they are deployed accordingly in your project

Best regards,


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