Formatting Lists

Hello! I just got this note taking app and i am loving it so far!! I was wondering is there any way to have an indented list, for example like the lists that would be created in an outline note taking method. Having A), B), C), aligned to the far left...1), 2), 3), indented one time to the right...a), b), c), indented one further...etc. I would like to be able to do this to help organize me notes better. Is there a way to do this while writing? Is there a way to do it after the text is converted? Exapmple of List: A) Dogs 1)Golden Retriever 2) Husky B) Cats 1) Long Haired a. Maine Coon b. Persian 2) Short Haired a. American Short-hair

Dear Brian, 

Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately our developer support team is not able to help you with MyScript apps. For application related questions, you can submit a ticket at our application support site.



Okay sorry, I guess I stumbled into the wrong forum!