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Is there any way to train MyScript Engine with custom handwriting of two different?


I am looking for a way to train engine to recognise custom handwriting like a person write a word eg "picasso" differently and another write same in different handwriting. 

Can we train engine with their personalised handwriting for each for better recognition.

Please let me know any similar solution for attaining it.

Thanks and regards

Jai Singh Hada

the one like comes with MyScript Notes 2.0 "MyScript Trainer, a module that creates a personal profile in order to improve the recognition of the user’s personal handwriting style"


Jai Singh Hada

Dear Jai Hada,

thank you for your question.

Currently, you are referring to the MyScript Notes 2.0, which is more than 10 years old!

At that time, there was indeed a MyScript Trainer module, whose goal was to "help users who have an unusual writing syle improve the accuracy". This module has been deprecated for a while, as due to many improvements of our core technogloy, it has proven to be useless.

In the worst case, we noticed users were writing "better" than their usual writing styles, resulting in a decrease of the accuracy!

Now, regarding your question, based on the above, you understand we are quite puzzled. Indeed, unless the writer has a very "uncommon" handwriting style, it should indeed be properly recognized. If so, can you please provide with a sample of his ink?

If the accuracy is low, maybe it should be investigated in elsewhere:

-Is the user writing custom words such as abreviations, or words from other languages (e.g. writing German words with our English US resources)? In that case, one solution consists in creating a custom lexicon, and attach it to your configuration.

-In your case, as you are using the iink SDK, did you disable the guidelines, as said in the other topic?

-Is the resolution properly set in your code?


Please provide with more hints, as we are puzzled by this request.

Best regards,


Dear Olivier,

Sorry to confuse you basic recognition is fine. What i was trying to explain is is there any way to adapt MyScript for the user specific writing? Consider following case-

There are 2 users one has general handwriting so recognition is correct another user writes "a" slightly more like "o" so MyScript recognises it as "o" so is there any way to feed Myscript user's handwriting sample like custom lexicon you suggested so MyScript can recognise more efficiently for specific user

I hope this clears the topic.

Thanks and regards

Jai Singh

Dear Jai Singh,

thank you for the precision.

No, it is not possible, there is no way to adapt this way. Normally, our solution is robust enough to prevent such use-cases. if not the case, please provide with an ink sample.

Best regards,


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