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Failed to find resource necessary to convert text?

We're getting this strange error that says:

Failed to edit block "MainBlock": RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND: error: AddResource en_US/en_US-ak-cur.res failed

    error: failed to read configuration script

    script exits with 2 errors

Obviously that means en_US-AK.cur.res has not downloaded or is in the wrong location. It's downloaded as part of the gradle build script. 

We disabled the gradle build script because it kept failing and we downloaded and extracted the files ourselves. They're there but it seems they're not in the right location.

The full path for en-US-ak-cur.res is:


However this path is obviously incorrect because it's not being found.

What is the correct path?


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Dear Adam,

Indeed the path is incorrect.

Please try to update it with "demo/src/main/assets/resources/en_US/en-US-ak-cur.res" instead.