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Hi! Absolutely love Nebo, and this is just a suggestion for new features/updates 1) I have an issue when trying to write the letter "I" in math, it converts it to a "T" with a line underneath it. If you can fix that, that would be great 2) If you can add support for more fonts and to be able to highlight, make bigger/smaller text, etc, that would be great. I would love the ability to choose a font that closely resembles handwriting. 3) If you can add the ability to "draw" inside math and paragraph boxes, as sometimes I like to add arrows and lines to show my thought process and the math and paragraphs change it to other things. Those are all just my suggestions :) Love your app, keep it up! Thanks, Isaac
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Dear Isaac, 

We invite you to visit the dedicated support website about our apps for any questions/suggestions about Nebo :

Best regards, 


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