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Hello! I had an iPad Pro 9" that suffered water damage but still works--for the most part. For my work I had to get another (entirely working) iPad Pro but got the slightly larger 10.5" new model. I need to converge the files I have in my notebooks but I am getting error messages saying there is a cloud conflict and asking if I want to use the Dropbox version or the local version or Ignore and keep going. These are very important files (aren't they all), and I guess I need to send to send them to Word or somewhere else along with the cloud to back them up, but I need them all in one place. How should I proceed? I am moderately tech savvy, but I do not know enough about this app to risk charging ahead. Please advise. Thank you.
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Dear Anne,

We invite you to visit the dedicated support website about our apps for any questions/suggestions about Nebo :