Android - How to get input as list of text lines ?

Query 1: Want to get the list of sentences. i.e. list of tasks. written in each new line a new task will be considered.

while converting for multiple lines. behavior for sdk is random. i.e. if we write 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. one char in each line. 

it sometimes adds new line character. sometime it don't.

Query 2: want to implement in such a way that, things written in each line consider as individual sentence. 

If, your current algorithm doesn't support this. What is way i can implement "list of tasks." as input. and export it as list ?

Dear Mitesh,

thank you for contacting us.

Currently, our algorithm works as follows:

-A line break is added when a new paragraph is detected.

-Basically, our algorithm considers a new paragraph when the last word of a line is "far enough" of the end of the line

=> based on this, you understand on small screens (e.g. smartphone), it is likley new paragraph whill not be detected if word is written "as large" as the screen.

One workaround that may be tried is that you can increase the width of the view by 50%, e.g. if you view is 1000 width, you can set it to 1500 ; keep in mind the side effect that each line will be considered as a new paragraph. Also, if rotating the screen, you should also increase the size.

Best regards,


Hello Olivier, 

I tested for that, if we write more words than 50-55%% width of the line, next line words gets combined in it.

Q1] Can that, % of width recognition configurable ? set to X% ?

Q2] Before converting or while loading page, can we able to insert a special character in the beginning of each line ? so that i can split by that char! 

Dear Mitesh,

To answer your questions:

Q1-Basically, our paragraph detection algorithm works as follows: Let's consider line n ; line n+1 will be added to the paraph if the first word of line n+1 cannot be added at the end of line n ; if the word can be added, we consider a new paragraph, and lines n and n+1 will not be merged. This is not configurable.

Nevertheless, you can still make a "new line" gesture (top to bottom gesture) in between two words to add a new line.

Q2-This cannot be done, you cannot add a character.

Best regards,


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