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change the line height


Dear 龚 文益,

thank you for your question.

Currently, are you in a "Text" part or a "Text Document" part?

If using a "Text Document" part, the line height can not be set. We plan to add this in a future release, but at present we cannot commit when it will be done.

Otherwise, for which purpose is it? Is it because you are adding strokes from an external device? In that case we recommend you use a "Text" part and set the guidelines option to false ("text.guides.enable" option to "false").

Let us know if this latter option matches your needs. Otherwise, feel free to explain your use-case, so that we may think of another solution.

Best regards,


thank you for your help

We want to make a custom background, so we have to set the line height ourselves.

Our current SDK version is V1.2.5, will your company's V1.3 released at the end of November be added to the line height modification.

Dear 龚 文益,

Currently, in a "Text Document" part, this will not be available in the 1.3 release (we cannot commit when it will be available in "Text Document").

Otherwise, in a "Text" part, this is already available, setting the font-size and line-height parameters (e.g .text { font-size: 20; line-height:2 }) (see Basically, the space in between lines will be computed mutiplying the font-size and line-height values.

At present, the question is therefore if using a "Text Document" part, can a "Text" part be used instead? If so, then tune both font-size and line-height according to your needs.

Best regards,


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