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Need someone to tweak my myscript integrated code

Hi we are looking to hire someone with myscript experience, to tweak the myscript integration code into our software. We already integrate it but it’s very inaccurate at the moment and just need it going through as it’s more than lightly errors we have made. Please if anyone can help let us know ASAP. Kind regards

Hi Oliver we are slowly getting there :) our problem is the auto suggest is not good for our project t. How can we remove this and just use the characters A-z

Dear Mark,

Thank you for the update.

If I understand well, you will like to have some kind of dictation application, e.g. if the writer writes "helo", you would not expect "hello"?

If so, then this is a use-case our technology has not been designed for. Indeed, our technology uses lexicons (list of words), that help recognize words ; the drawback is that this results in what we call "lexical attraction", which is just what I explained.

There is not much to do for this ; one solution we suggest for such use-case is to create a custom lexicon that would contain all the most common writing mistakes faced (e.g. helo, helllo...), but we have no significant feedback for this.

Best regards,


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