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Android 9 API Compatibility Problem:MathUtils.dist(dark greylist, linking)

We're developers of a notepad APP. When APP running on Android 9 (Android Pie, API level 28), the system warns "Detected problems with API compatibility (visit for more info)"

After we investigating further, it seems that MyScript IInk SDK v1.2.2 calls "android.util.MathUtils.dist(float, float, float, float)" from native function in JNI, which is a hidden class and listed in "dark greylist" according to hiddenapi-greylist-max-o.txt. The forbidden call results in crash with "targetSdkVersion = 28" or warning dialog with "target SdkVersion < 28" on Android 9 device.

Here is the screenshot and system log of MyScript GetStarted APP

Hareware: MI 8

Software: Android 9



System log

11-22 20:37:15.432 27459 27459 W iink.getstarte: Accessing hidden method Landroid/util/MathUtils;->dist(FFFF)F (dark greylist, linking)


Looking forward to your fix :)

Can not reproduced on Android 9 emulator or Google Pixels running Android 9.

It's proved to be the system's bug. Done

Dear Sunbreak Wang,

thank you for the update.

Best regards,