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Android 9 API Compatibility Problem:MathUtils.dist(dark greylist, linking)

We're developers of a notepad APP. When APP running on Android 9 (Android Pie, API level 28), the system warns "Detected problems with API compatibility (visit g.co/dev/appcompat for more info)"

After we investigating further, it seems that MyScript IInk SDK v1.2.2 calls "android.util.MathUtils.dist(float, float, float, float)" from native function in JNI, which is a hidden class and listed in "dark greylist" according to hiddenapi-greylist-max-o.txt. The forbidden call results in crash with "targetSdkVersion = 28" or warning dialog with "target SdkVersion < 28" on Android 9 device.

Here is the screenshot and system log of MyScript GetStarted APP

Hareware: MI 8

Software: Android 9



System log

11-22 20:37:15.432 27459 27459 W iink.getstarte: Accessing hidden method Landroid/util/MathUtils;->dist(FFFF)F (dark greylist, linking)


Looking forward to your fix :)

Can not reproduced on Android 9 emulator or Google Pixels running Android 9.

It's proved to be the system's bug. Done

Dear Sunbreak Wang,

thank you for the update.

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