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Hi All,

Can we implement scrolling on the GetStarted app? We tried, but the problem that we faced was that even if we used strokes, it was getting confused with scrolling.

Please can you let us know what is the best way to implement scrolling?



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Dear Piyush,

Thank you for your question.

If referring to the getStarted sample and set "Text" or "Text Document" mode, you will see that the scrolling can only be done when setting the "TOUCH" input mode. In "PEN" mode, you can only enter strokes.

The reason is that it is not possible to make the difference in between a scroll and a stroke if in "PEN" mode.

You then understand we recommend you have a similar approach, i.e. a pen mode to write strokes and a "TOUCH" mode for the scrolling mode.

Best regards,


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