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Jumping text on Diagram Part

Hey guys!

Our QA team found a weird issue. We have a Diagram part, apparently if you write some text, and then do some random tapping with the pencil next to it, the text will jump up on a split second, and then return to it's position. (I also found other times the text just moves somewhere else entirely)

Here's a video replicating the issue:

Any ideas of how to prevent that?


PD: Merry Christmas for your team!


Dear Just,

currently, we were able to reproduce the behavior. I confirm it also occurs on the latest 1.3 release of the iink.

I keep you updated when it is solved.

Best regards,


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Dear Just,

thank you for your Chrsitmas wishes :-)

Regarding the behavior you are pointing, we are trying to reproduce but at present we are still not able to.

Can you confirm you are using the latest 1.3 release of the iink? Indeed, in this latter release, there were some slight changes in the screen refresh in our iOS release. I cannot guarantee this will help, but just in case.

I keep you updated.

Best regards,


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