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Data has changed

imageHello, I am using text mode when I set it up. 

editorView.getEditor().setTheme("glyph.text {font-size:" + 6 + ";line-height:1;}"); The image that was held later changed.

I saved it like this


Changes in data when it is turned back on

The following words are automatically moved to the top.



I want to save the previous image when I open it again. Is there any way? thank

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My internet speed is too slow, I sent the wrong picture.

I set the text mode,

Set editorView.getEditor().setTheme("glyph.text {font-size:" + 6 + ";line-height:1;}");

I saved it when I saved it.


It changed like this when I opened it again.


But I hope that the preservation will remain the same. Is there a way? thank you