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Automatically change position

Hello, I am using text mode when I set it up.

editorView.getEditor().setTheme("glyph.text {font-size:" + 6 + ";line-height:1;}"); The image that was held later changed.


I saved it like this


Changes in data when it is turned back on

The following words are automatically moved to the top.


I want to save the previous image when I open it again. Is there any way?

Data has changed

Thank you

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Dear 龚 文益,

currently this cannot be done easily.

For such purpose, you could try saving by yourself the MotionEvents in the file.

You can then re-use these calling the pointerEvents API, as done in the handleOnTouchForPointer function of the The ink should be displayed at the proper place. Nevertheless, after conversion, result will be displayed on following lines.

Best regards,


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