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Adding background Text for Drawing to an Editor with ContentPart of type text/text document


Was wondering if I could overlay/underlay text/strings with this app. What methods would I implement to add a text behind the editor for my user to trace over? Is thsi feature supported-- or is there a work around. I was looking at the addBlock method... would I utilize this method to do that? 



using this for a literacy app -- school project 

hi, just realized the addBlock method is literaly used just to add new part to the editor.. is there any way that I can add text underneath the editor for tracing? 

Dear Chantelle,

thank you for contacting us and the interest you show to our iink SDK.

If I understand well your use-case, you would like to set a text in background so that pupils try to write it?

Currently, the iink SDK doesn't have any API to set something such as text or image in the background. Integrators should add it (text, image...) in a view behind the part.

Now regarding your specific use-case, I guess you would like to ensure the text written corresponds to what is asked to the student. For such use-case, please note our iink SDK may have limitation, due to what we call "lexical attraction". Indeed, if someone writes "helo", then the sdk might return "hello", as our technology is using lexicons to better recognize words in a given language.

Best regards,


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