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Sliding inflexibility

I created the Text Document ContentPart using the official demo.

When I finished writing the handwriting, I used the finger to slide up and down the interface, and found that it is far less flexible than the Nebo software. I think it is because the EditorView does not use the sliding rate in the official dome.

Can I be as flexible as nebo when I can make the EditorView slide?

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Dear 龚 文益,

thank you contacting us and your question.

Indeed, our iink SDK uses a "basic" scroll algorithm, which you can find into the onScroll function of the file, while the Nebo has a custom scroll algorithm (you may notice the onFling has not been implemented in iink, while it is in Nebo).

Our Nebo scroll algorithm is not to be released. We then recommend you implement your own one.

Best regards,


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