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Create EditorView at run time

Hello everyone

User could add his/her math formula to the history.then i want to show each of them in one editorView . So i could understand length of history at run time .how could i create editorView on run time and assign value to them

Dear Reyhane,

thank you for contacting us.

Regarding your use-case, "User could add his/her math formula to the history.then i want to show each of them in one editorView", I am currently not sure to understand? Do you wan to import a string in a math part?

Regarding creating editor at run-time, in our getStarted sample, you can see we set the editorView calling "editorView = findViewById(;". This will set the layerViews (Background, Model, Temporary, Capture) and the SmartGuideView. If trying to initialize the editorView programmatically with our current implementation of the EditorView, you then understand these are not set. The solution is then that you update the of the uireferenceimplementation so that you set by yourself the layerviews and SmartGuideView.

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Dear Oliver

thank you for answering.

As the document Said ( i want to save it in List<string> then i want to show each item in an editor view.Is it correct?

I want to do it because editorview shows the item and i think each string item could display in one editorview.

Dear Oliver

Let me ask you my question directly.insted of







is there any way to create this layer  by writing LayerView layer_background=new LayerView(this); ?

Dear Reyhane,

thank you for the update.

Currently, you should implement the IRenderTarget.LayerType class:

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