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Scroll is not working

 I have made a sample code with the below code to enable scrolling for multiple scribbling pad:


<androidx.core.widget.NestedScrollView xmlns:android=""



When I keep com.myscript.iink.uireferenceimplementation.EditorView inside above code, then the scribbling is not working. But, if I don't use the above code, the scribbling is working.

I want to keep com.myscript.iink.uireferenceimplementation.EditorView inside the scroll view for multiple editor view. Can you please help me with this?

 Dear Oliver,

    Thanks for support. 

   I want another help from you. I want image of scribble area on button click.  How can I get image from  scribble area that I have written?

Thanks -

Raju Sen

Dear Raju Sen,

Currently, you can use the "export_" function, setting as MimeType JPEG or PNG:

It can be called as follows: editor.export_(null, ABSOLUTE_PATH_IMAGE, MimeType.PNG, imageDrawer);

Best regards,


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