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Can we restrict the size of the bitmap(ie. height and width) to an A4 size paper

Hello Olivier,

We tried to alter the height and width of the image as suggested by you in the prepareImage function but the results are quite different.

Suppose we need an bitmap with dimensions 1024 X 700 and we give a static height then also the result height gets changed.
We need the bitmap to be of the same height.

For clear idea i have attached screenshots and the dimensions have been displayed in the top right corner of the screenshot.

This is a reference to the topic :






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Dear FIGMD India,

currently, when exporting as an image, our imageDrawer will set the width and height according  to the content of the export. By default, the corresponding width and height will be set as parameters to the prepareImage function.

Setting values to the prepareImage may then provide with images of the size you want, but will be the worst way to proceed, as it will not correspond to the content of the export.

You then understand our iink SDK is not to be used for your use-case. Instead, maybe you could refer to the Android Bitmap API:

Best regards,


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