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How to get recognized output text and set it to textView in iOS?


i have a text view. i want to display that text in my new textview. please help me.

This is in ios

Dear Karthik,

thank you for contacting us.

Currently, I am not sure to understand your question.

Which iink sample are you using? Indeed, by default, both our getStarted and demao sample display the result when writing ink?

Please explain what you are doing and what you want to achieve.

Best regards,


Were i can get converted text and i want display that in my own textview

Dear Karthik,

with so little information, it is difficult to provide with an accurate answer! Please explain.

Based on the above, I would say you can export as text:

You then have the result, which you can add by yourself to an iOS text view (this is basic iOS development).

But I insist, please provide with more and clearer explanations, so that we can provide with a much accurate answer.

Best regards,


Thank you i got my text.

And another issue is when i finish writing its not covert automatically. i have convert manually using convert button.

So how to do that help me on this

Thanks advance

Dear Karthik,

from the beginning of this thread, we have little information of the way you use the iink SDK, what you do and plan to do...

With the latest update, I suppose you are using batch mode? If so, then you shall call the "convert" function to get the result:

If this doesn't help, please provide more information regarding your project, what you want to achieve and the functions you are calling, so that we can answer more precisely to your questions.

Best regards,


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