how and where i can download math slover sample app

Hello Team,

How and where i can get Math Solver sample app.


Pankaj Tyagi

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Dear Pankaj,

thank you for contacting us.

Currently, I am not sure to understand your exact needs? Do you want to be able to recognize Math and solve these?

In that case, did you try to create a "Math" part? Indeed, by default the latter has our solver enabled.

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Hello Oivier,

>>  Do you want to be able to recognize Math and solve these?

Yes, exactly what i want.

No i didn't do any thing yet. I only use Text Conversion in Batch mode.

Now i want to recognize Math and solve .

Can i also recognize math and sove that in batch mode? 

Please tell me from where i start to achieve this.

Thanks & Regards

Pankaj Tyagi

Dear Pankaj,

you should proceed as follows:

-create a Math Part

-add the strokes in batch mode

-call the "waitForIdle" function to ensure recognition is finished: editor.waitForIdle().

-export as JIIX => the exported JIIX will contain the recognized result.

Best regards,


Hello Olivier,

After doing this  all is going good but  not given solved result.

ex-  if i write  1+2 ,  then it is not giving 3. only 1 and 2 value is their in JIIX export.


Pankaj Tyagi


Dear Pankaj,

you should call the "convert" function to ensure you have the result in the JIIX:

Best regards,