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Android - Detect Break line

I want to detect breakline to add bullet at the beginning of lines

Q1: Is it possible to detected break line??

Q2: If not, can i rewrite Engine class to help it detects breakline 

Dedar Tung Bach Nguyen,

currently, if in a "text" part, you can export as text. if the exports contains a line break, you can replace the line break with line break plus bullet.

Then, you can clean the editor and import the text which you updated:

Here is the way to proceed to export a text, update it and replace the content accordingly:

String exportResult = editorView.getEditor().export_(null, MimeType.TEXT);
editorView.getEditor().import_(MimeType.TEXT, exportResult+"\ntest", null);

Let us know if this helps.

Best regards,


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Thank you so so much, i have spent a whole week on this function
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