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Current status of Xamarin support

Multiple threads to this topic already exist and it also seems that someone already made the effort to write Android bindings just to be told to take them offline. Since you already have support for iOS, Android and UWP it would be possible to create a NuGet package that contains an x-plat abstraction as well as the platform specific implementations you already have. Even a Xamarin.Forms control would be doable. This would make it extremely quick and easy to integrate your solution into Xamarin based X-Plat apps. It's hard to understand that you don't already provide this and even actively curb corresponding community efforts.

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Dear Manuel,

thank you for contacting us and your question.

Indeed, we have no support of the Xamarin environment. Your request has been forwarded internally, but we cannot commit if/when we will provide support  for Xamarin or any cross-platform environment.

Best regards,


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