1、Can text recognition be disabled in Diagram recognition mode.

2、"diagram.convert.text",What role, how to configure.

Dear Gang Chen,

thank you for contacting us.

Currently, I am not sure what you want to achieve:

1- Do you want to disable the typeset of the Text that is recognized by the iink SDK in Diagram mode?

2- Or "force" a Diagram that would recognize everything as Shapes and do not return with Text?

1-If you want to disable the typeset , this shall be done as follows: conf.setBoolean("diagram.convert.text", false);

=>With this configuration, the Diagram part will still make the difference in between Text and non-Text (e.g. shapes) ; it will convert the Shapes, and Text will not be converted at  all.

2-It is currently not possible to force everything to be recognized as shapes ; it is only possible to remove the typeset of text, as said above.

Also, we insist the primary goal of the Diagram is to recognize text mixed with shapes, and we have no way "to force" shape recognition. Even when disabling "diagram.convert.text", "text" will be returned as "non shape". Please keep that in mind.

Best regards,


Dear engineer.

How can the recognized pattern be converted to the location of the source handwriting.

Let's say I draw a circle by hand, and then use the coordinate data provided by your engine to draw a standard circle, the size and position of the circle, at least not too far from the original handwriting.

Dear Gang Chen,

currently, the reason is taht the JIIX coordinates are in mm, while your display is in Pixels.

In order to re-draw properly your circle, you shall use the invert transform:

This shall allow you tro properly display your circle.

Best regards,



The Transform line can be transformed normally; the circular Transform is not in the correct position.

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