iink SDK on Device

I could not download iink.aar(com.myscript:iink:1.3.1)

I used the UIReferenceImplementation as a module to start my project ,but when i want to make project there is Error about dependencies.The message shows me that it's not able to download iink.aar. I tried a lot of times and I used VPN(Im in china) but it doesn't make any sense.

emmm I download it in another way.but it seems that the module doen't matches arm-v8a

Dear Xin Ji,

thank you for contacting us and your question.

Currently, we are not sure to understand your request. Indeed, when getting the packages from github (https://github.com/MyScript/interactive-ink-examples-android), all you basically need to do add your certificate, and launch the code samples. The native libraries and needed assets will be downloaded (see the the gradle file of each project, e.g. getStarted).

When building your own project, you can then add the libraries similarly.

Regarding your second post, as the arm-v8a is supported, you should be able to add the corresponding libraries to your own project. Is it possible to learn more about the way you proceed?

Best regards,


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