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About recognize for special english char in Chinese text

Dear MyScript core engine developers:

I found some issues in my recognize process on android platform sdk :

Main language is zh_CN,and zh_CN.conf is:


Bundle-Version: 1.0
Bundle-Name: zh_CN
 AddResDir ../resources/

Name: hans
Type: Text
 AddResource zh_CN/zh_CN-ak-cur.res
 AddResource zh_CN/zh_CN-lk-text.res
 AddResource mul/mul-lk-english_secondary_2.res
 SetHalfWidthFullWidthScheme AUTO
 SetTextListSize 1
 SetWordListSize 1
 SetCharListSize 1

  and my recognization codes from github in the official offscreen recognization examples:


I use the batchmode to make the recognize working.

in my result the problem is, the English char "/" is not recognized when I use the "text" as my part. You can see the "/" is recognized as chars ".," or "," and other chars

 the result is as below:


 So any suggestion for me to resolve the issues? Thank you guys.

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Dear Alan,

an answer was done by email.

Without any context, it is difficult for our solution to make the difference in between "/" or "," we are working to improve this beahvior, but at present, we have no short term solution.

One way to proceed is that you check the result, and if you happen to have one character (e.g. "," in your case), you replace it as a post-treatment.

Best regards,