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Use iink interactive view in iOS UITableView, UICollectionView or in several UIViews.


I am currently creating an app in which I want to show iink interactive view in multiple UITableViewCells , UICollectionViewCells. And in different UIViews in a single UIViewController. Is there any way that I can do this without EditorViewController and a Container because Container View doesn't work with dynamic cells and opening multiple EditorViewController gives error.

Thank You.

Looking forward for your response.

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Dear Mughees,

Currently, a "UITableViewCell" cannot contain "UIViewController".

So if you  want to use "iink" in "UITableView", you cannot use the UI Reference  implementation as it is, since it uses "UIViewController".

You have to implement your own UI implementation and replace all "UIViewController" by "UIView". This should normally work, but will demand significant development.

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